Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We are currently booking

...teaching/training/role play Seminar for 2009.

The cost per person to attend: $50.00 which includes:

Take home Tools:
~ The "CallBook" which is the official name for the 50 page workbook.
~A copy of Tenacious one which includes these 6 scriptural, specific medical condition prayers...Arthritis, Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, Depression and Heart.
~3-hour teaching/training/role play time

This seminar is designed comfortably for 25 people to attend at a time....with a minimum of 20. Under 20 miles to your location there is no additional fee. Over 20 miles: contact us at for a quote.

See Testimonials in the comments section of this entry for people who have already experienced..."TheCall".

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank You

We just want to express our "Thanks" to those people who attended the launching of our teaching/training/role play seminar, "TheCall" on Saturday, November 1. We will be sending out a seminar evaluation survey which we would ask you to fill out and return.
We also would like to say a ginormous "THANK YOU" to Crete Reforme
d Church for their grace filled help and fellowship as we were underfoot for a few days. We also would like to "THANK" them for the use of the beautiful Fireside Room and the Spirit of God that resides there. You are a blessing to us!!!

Seminar attendees, if you are in need of additional Tenacious PrayerBooks containing the six (Cancer, COPD, Depression, Heart, Arthritis, and Diabetes) specific medical diseases (cost $10.00)
The single prayers on CD (cost $5.00)
The mailers with postage for the CD (cost $5.00)
Please contact us by email at,
by mail at James 5:16 Ministries
P.O. Box 186 Crete, IL 60417.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

3...2...1...LIFTOFF....We have LIFTOFF...

The countdown has begun...(We have LIFTOFF!!!) on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 9 hundred hours....James 5:16 Ministries officially launches....TheCall!!
The teaching/training facet of this ministry for "CallTeams" in the local church to (the mission) hand hope, help and healing to the medical, hospitalized, hospice care, nursing home, and house bound patient....after our 10 years experience in "the field"...and based on the Word of God to all the Matthew 25:35-40.
This event will take place at Crete Reformed Church, in the quaint little town of Crete, Illinois...(launching pad) in their Fireside Room....We will be giving out a few free tickets which will entitle the bearer to:

**A copy of Tenacious Prayers...PrayerBook!! one...which contains the scriptural based prayers for 6 specific medical conditions...e.g. Cancer and treatments.
**A 44 page "CallBook"...which is the workbook with all the "helps" in it.
**3 hour teaching/training/role playing time with Char and Lois (with the Lord makes 3 main engines ).

Prayer (docking) needs:

God's choice for the crew that needs to be at this launching.
God, in the person of the Holy Spirit (external tank) to power us in the right direction.
God's peace and wisdom (solid rocket boosters) as Char and Lois prepare for the launching.
God's blessing and favor on this facet of James 5:16 that names will be written in the Lamb's Book of Life because of it!! (mission accomplished)

For more information on to: